Sunday, August 16, 2015

Off to Embo

Wednesday concluded our stay at the conference center with Auntie Pat and Rosie, and although we were excited to go to Embo, we were sad to leave those wonderful women behind.  They took such good care of us!  So we danced a celebratory jig...

And took a group photo to remember these lovely ladies.

And then we loaded into two vans with the six members of the young adults group that we would spend the next week with and grow to love.  That group included Darryl, Beyers, Joel, Phil, Jennifer and Phumelo.  We were in the car for a total of about eight hours, and stopped for lunch sometime in the middle.

When we got to the church in Embo that evening, they fed us dinner and we talked about logistics for the week, and then we headed down to the orphanage on the church property where we would be staying.  There was one established orphanage with children in it, and this new one had just finished being built, and we were able to stay there.

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