Wednesday, September 2, 2015

School and creche kids galore

Our second day in Embo was similar to the first, with a visit to a different school to start off the day.  Matt and Clay sat in the "boot" of the van, and as we approached the school, they opened the door and sang songs and picked kids up as they went along.

 Naomi gave her testimony to a rapt audience.

We met with the principal of the school after talking to and singing with the kids, and we got to hear about his dreams for the school. We prayed over him and invited him to church on Sunday.
Jenna attempted to fill the principal's role.

This day, while others went into the community to pray for people, I got to go to the Creche and hang out with the kids, which made me really happy. I helped them with their snacks and then we went out to the playground, where we spent most of the time I was there. All the kids wanted their pictures taken, and had fun taking turns posing and being placed in rows with their heads together. 

Several little girls were doing my hair and sitting on me, and I felt right at home. I am happiest surrounded by kids.

After I got picked up from the creche, we went back to the orphanage we were staying in and while some of the team made dinner, Jenna and I went and ironed clothes for the orphans.

After dinner, we went out again to a mourning family to pray with them and give testimonies.

They keep us on our toes in Embo.  There's a lot of work to do there, and we were happy to help, although at the end of each day we were ready to rest.

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